International Patient

Salamate Gharb ophthalmology clinic was established in 2006 with the assistance of qualified overseas ophthalmologist professors and using advanced technology.

This clinic is proud to provide high quality treatment and care services in accordance with credit standards. National and international protection of human dignity and human dignity take the most effective steps and the entire spectrum of ophthalmic services, from the most basic to the most advanced ophthalmic surgeries in the world to Iranian and non-Iranian associates.

In these clinics, all eye surgeries (cataract-glaucoma-vitrectomy-corneal transplantation-blepharoplasty-strabismus and other specialist eye surgeries), lasic surgery with the AL500 EX500, Cross-linking action to prevent the progression of kerataconous, and specialist paraclinical procedures (treatment Laser, OCT angiography, Pentacam, perimetry, eye scans, topography, amblyopia, etc.).

Salamate Gharb ophthalmological specialized clinic manages and facilitates all affairs related to the treatment of foreign patients’ illness before they enter the country until their discharge from the clinics and the country in cooperation with the health tourism companies.

The special services of international patients, with the co-operation of (Yarigar Armani Iranian) company, include:

  1. Receive medical records of patient before trip
  2. An interpreter from the arrival to departure
  3. Welcoming at the airport
  4. Travel insurance, SIM card, internet
  5. Intra-city transfer
  6. Interurban tour for a few days
  7. Hotel, Villa and suite booking
  8. Payment and exchange money.
  9. VIP rooms for hospitalization in Salamat Gharb Clinic.
  10. Responsible expert for reception and patient’s discharge from the clinic.
  11. Registration of patient information at the portal of the treatment assistant system.
  12. Follow up of patient’s treatment after returning home.

How to Accept International Patients at the Clinic for Specialized Surgery in the Salamate Gharb clinic:

  1. international patient recognizes the clinics through websites and social medias and, after connecting with IPD expert, refers to the reasons for his/her referral.

An IPT expert receives patient medical records through the site and social medias, referring patient to specialist or specialist physicians.

After examination, if the patient needs to be referred to Iran, in cooperation with health tourism companies, all of the patient’s welfare benefits, including the issuance of a health insurance visa, travel insurance, interpreter and airport transfer, and an inter-city transfer … and the patient after entering the country and the health clinic will benefit from all healthcare services in the Salamate Gharb clinic.

  1. All international patients, after entering the country and visiting the clinic, with the coordination of the IPD expert, will benefit from all health care without taking any previous appointment.

Form of initial acceptance of the international patient from the country of origin

It is interesting to mention that the patient will contact the IPD expert after completing the initial application from the country of origin through social media.

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