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Refraction is actually the path that light radiates from the objects in our field of vision to the formation of a clear image within the eyes. Under normal conditions, the light rays are redirected to the macula after entry into the eye by the cornea and the lens. Almost everyone has a refractive error.

Determine field of vision

Refractive errors are measured with a unit called the diopter. The higher the far-sightedness or near-sightedness, the higher your glasses score.
Corneal shape, eye lens strength and eye size are the factors responsible for the clear image of objects on the retina.

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Refractive errors Treatment

Refractive surgery (LASIK, PRK) is performed with the world's most advanced Wave light EX500 alkanes.
Most refractive surgeries improve vision by correcting the corneal curvature (transparent front window).

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The retina is a light-sensitive nerve tissue that forms as a thin layer inside the posterior portion of the eyeball. Whenever the retina communicates with the lower choroid, due to a lack of oxygen and nutrients, the retina loses its function and the person becomes visually impaired.

Retina Diseases types

People can develop retina diseases from birth to middle age, such as colorectal or neonatal retinopathy that will accompany from birth.
Retinal diseases have different types depending on the type of treatment.

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Retinal examination

Laser treatments and OCT (Angiography with fluorescein injection) are performed to detect macular degeneration.
Because retinal diseases can cause severe vision loss if left untreated, early diagnosis and treatment are important.

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As the age of the composition of some eye proteins changes and in some areas irregularly accumulate and cause lens opacity in some areas. Also, the optic nerve is usually damaged due to increased eye pressure. Cataracts and glaucoma are the result of these disorders.


Cataract is called opaque lens opacity. Age cataract is the most common type of cataract.
Most cataract surgeries are performed through small incisions using acoustic waves or phacoemulsification.

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In the glaucoma, the optic nerve is damaged. The goal of treatment is also to stop complete destruction of the optic nerve.
Treatment of glaucoma is by lowering intraocular pressure through methods such as drug therapy, laser therapy, surgery, or a combination of these.

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The conjunctival is a thin, translucent membrane that covers the anterior whites of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids. The word pink eye can refer to all kinds or infectious cases. Conjunctivitis may be due to microbial, viral, allergic or foreign body stimulation. symptoms may be a clue to its type.

Eye inflammation

The most obvious symptom of conjunctivitis is redness of the eye. Eye redness is caused by inflammation and conjunctivitis.
The patient’s vision is usually normal or may be transiently blurred due to discharge, which is usually resolved by blinking.

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Treatment of Conjunctivitis

First of all, it should be prevented. Both types of viral and bacterial conjunctivitis spread rapidly and spread to other people.
The use of antibiotic drops in bacterial cases accelerates its recovery and reduces its spread to others.

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