There are more than a third of all known genetic syndromes in the eye. Signs of nutrients, deficiencies, nervous tension, and lack of complexes and stress can be discerned from the eye. The eye, like other parts of the body, can develop cancer. In 90 to 95% of cases, cancerous tumors can occur in children before the age of 5 years. The age of diagnosis of eye cancer is usually 18 months.
Symptoms of eye cancer
Blinking eyes in the dark
 Whitening of the pupil
 Presence of ocular deviation (in children)
Existence of light sparks in adults (over 20 years old)
 Feeling like a fly
 Blurred vision
Causes of eye cancer
Improper nutrition during pregnancy and exposure of parents to radiation and chemicals are effective factors in the development of this disease.
Diagnosis of eye cancer
Normally, when you look at the eye closely under a microscope, the blister spot is like yellow in a red ring and yellow around it. In this examination, the retina, which is orange in color and has blood vessels, can be seen. The nerves that connect to the back of the eye are also visible. The iris of a patient with eye cancer gives the doctor significant findings. Brown spots found between the iris and the surface of the eye are tumors that are usually signs of swelling in the body. A white spot is seen in the whites of the patient’s eyes, which can have many causes. These stains are usually due to high pressure. This type of cancer is easily treated if diagnosed in time. Otherwise, treatment may not be performed and may eventually lead to eye discharge.
Treatment of eye cancer
Fortunately, there are treatments for this type of cancer that can stop and eventually kill these malignant tumors. Eye cancer treatment methods and the basis for treating this type of cancer is chemotherapy such as laser therapy. This treatment is done using a method called TTP or placing radioactive around the eye or irradiating the outside of the eye.